Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things That Make Me Up-Chuck

Whit and I recently upgraded to the ever trendy, awesome, handy, (near-idolatrous, in fact) iPhone. I've been waiting and waiting to get this phone. No lie, ask Brian Barton. So here's where God kindly reminds me that my joy comes not from the created, but the Creator! :)

The story on my iPhone . . . We both upgraded at the ATT store, immediately had to go to an annual meeting of Baptists in Enid. At the meeting, I had to 'use the room.' The iPhone slipped out of my chest pocket and into the toilet, no lie, within the first two hours of owning the dang thing. I immediately grabbed it - gross - and dried it off. It worked through the meeting, but then quit working when we got home. I googled some remedies and found a possible, slight chance of fixing it: I put it in a bag of rice over night, and to this point, it works. . . except the camera, the shutter won't open...


But for now, I am enjoying the multifaceted quality of our iPhones . . . God, you are the joy of my heart, not this piece of machinery, but Lord can I keep it?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Method of Putting Your Baby to Sleep (Bryan in Training)

We thought we'd share the latest adventure in the Life of the Laramore's:

First, Whit's current daytime responsibilities are taking care of two little girls, one is 4 months old and the other is 18 months old. This is perfect for the time being, for it affords me (Bryan) some practice before we begin having our own children. The other day, we were playing with the little one when Whit says to me, "Hey, will you put her on your shoulder so she can go to sleep." So, with a little look of confusion, I take Lil' E, that's what we call her, and put her on my shoulder, though, not how you moms are thinking . . . I took her and placed her up on my shoulder, like she was sitting in a chair . . . my shoulder being the chair!!!!

Whit turned around, looked at me in hysterical confusion and said, "What are you doing!?!? I meant lay her on your shoulder so she'll sleep!" My bashful response? "Oh . . . right . . . I'll get right on that . . ."

We had a good laugh at that one.

A follow up on that story: Lil' E's mom thought it was hilarious, so much so, that she came back into the Sanctuary yesterday after worship, holding Lil' E up on her shoulder, and said, "We just wanted to say by!" We laughed . . .