Monday, April 20, 2009

Thai Tina's Wins the Day!

So we've lived here in FW just short of three years.  We are likely moving away in the next few months and JUST TONIGHT we experienced the restaurant of our lives!!  It was amazingly tasteful!  This place is called Thai Tina's and is worth every penny!  Go there and get in on the action.  Whit loves curry so she ordered the Massaman Curry Chicken and I ordered the Sweet and Sour Sauté Chicken and we were both blown away!

The cost is a little pricey, but please hear this, it is worth it!  Every bite was better than the one before.  Here is a map, get away from your computer and go there now . . . 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Confessions of an Uber-Goober

My (Bryan) uber-gooberness came out in full force this week.  I'm not even joking, what a moron, you'll see.  Here's what happened:  Thursday morning I walk into my 8am class, find my normal seat, and happen to notice a brown leather coat left all by it's lonesome over on a chair.  I intently think to myself, "Hmm, that's funny, somebody left their coat in here and it looks a lot like my brown leather coat . . . wait . . . that is my brown leather coat!!"  I had left that bad boy in there for probably a couple of weeks without even noticing it was gone.

Now, if I had only done that, I wouldn't have wasted your time by writing this blog . . . so stay with me:

Then when class is over, I pack up the Mac daddy (that's what I call the new mac book), happily grab my "long lost coat" and head out the door, all cheery-like.  As I exit the building, out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of what looks like my orange bicycle with a plastic bag over the seat chained with a pink chain.  Yet again, I think to myself for a split second, "How funny, somebody else also has an orange bike with a plastic bag covering the seat chained with a pink chain!"  

I, Super-Goob, had left my bike chained to a walking rail on Tuesday morning before my 8am class! At this point, it's Thursday morning and I am just now realizing that my bike had not been at the apartment for two whole days!!!!!

Thank you for enjoying the Chronicles of an Uber-Goober!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Long Time Comin'

Well, it has been a ridiculously long time since posting, so here is a recap of the past many weeks.
  • Over Spring Break, we interviewed at a church for a pastor position at Ames Baptist Church in Ames, Ok. It was very exciting. We had a great time of asking questions and being asked questions. This church is a unique one in that the pastor who is there now has really pointed them in the right direction in terms of good biblical teaching (i.e. expository preaching, that is, preaching through a book of the bible, not preaching topical, feel good messages) and guiding them towards effective discipleship. We intentionally prayed about it and carefully considered it and are now going to preach in view of a call on May 3rd. We're and anticipating good things in that regard!
  • Also on Spring Break, we made a trip to Atlanta, GA to see my (Bryan's) sister, Melissa, bro-in-law, Seth, and two nieces, Ella and Moriah. Moriah was born on the immediate Friday before (3.13.09), so we greatly enjoyed spending time the our new born niece numero dos!! Seth is the Connections Pastor of a church plant south of Atlanta called Momentum Christian Church. He and my sister moved there almost three years ago and are doing an awesome work bringing people into/back into the church who otherwise likely wouldn't 'walk the aisle,' to put it in Baptist lingo. :) It is always great to see them and spend time with our niece . . . err . . . nieces!

  • A few weekends ago, Whit's sister and our bro-in-law came down from OK for a visit. This was awesome not only because they are such a smokin' blast to hang out with, but also because they bring along with them their hunk of a baby boy, Logan Xavier! So, not only are we the proud aunt and uncle of two nieces on my side, but also the proud aunt and uncle of a nephew on Whit's side! Logie is a stout little five-month-old and totally adorable. We had a great time playin' with him and also playin' our new favorite family game, The Settlers of Catan. If you are a "Gamer of the Boards" and haven't played it, first of all shame on you :), but second of all you really ought to try it out! It's a blast!!!

  • Last, but most importantly, this has been a very unique Resurrection Weekend for us [I'm beginning to strongly dislike what "Easter" has become in our society, thus I for now will call it Resurrection Weekend" ;)] Not only are we celebrating the resurrection of the Risen King, but it is also Whitney's Birthday!!!!!! (Happy Birthday again, love). It's been fun and interesting balancing in my mind the great importance of this weekend with the joy of celebrating my wife's Bday. For Whit's birthday, I kinda splurged and got her the newly released iPod Shuffle accompanied with an iTunes gift card . . . Oh Brad and Emily Gentry, what "Apples" we are becoming! ;) The Shuffle is sweet, it talks to you, yes talks to you! You push a button and a voice over comes on telling you what song, artist, playlist is on.

So, that about sums up the last month or more. We promise we will keep our posting up and going!