Monday, April 4, 2011

Letting God Out of My Box!

As I sat doing my Bible study this morning, I had so many things running through my mind. I was thinking about Harper's Auditory Neuropathy, her healing, being a better Christian, Faith, the prayers of a righteous man, healing in general, and so much more.

I am tired of being a "Sunday only/when people see me" Christian. I am tired of keeping God in a box. Harper having the neuropathy has stretched me SO much! Never before would I have prayed for healing and truly believe it could happen. These past 6 months, God has shown me just how BIG he is and how finite I am. He has opened my eyes to the sin of my ways. He has taught me about faith and how little mine is. I think it is so sad that I profess to be a Christian and to trust in this great God but have such small faith. I think it is sad that I have given God about 1% of my life and kept the rest for myself.

God is showing me that it is a whole lot more than typical Sunday School answers. It is about dying to self daily and presenting myself as a living sacrifice to God!

-- Whitney