Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well, It's Official

Our immediate future has been solidified.  We are now officially going to serve as pastor of Ames Baptist Church in Ames, OK.  We preached in view of a call this past Sunday and were excited to learn that they had a unanimous vote, "Yes!"  

The plan is to start on Sunday, May 31st!  We will have to do a little bit of back and forth between Fort Worth and Ames for Whit to finish school and complete a training session she has been obligated to for some time now.  

So, here is our summer schedule:

May 31st - June 13th: Living in Fort Worth, but traveling to Ames on the weekends
June 14th - July 5th: Staying in Ames
July 6th - July 31st: Living in Fort Worth, commuting to Ames on the weekends
August 1 and beyond: permanent residents of Ames, OK!!

Any prayers are much appreciated!  We'll update as time goes on.


Doug McPherson said...

Congrats! I know this is a big move, and a good one. Looking forward to getting up to see ya'll there sometime.

Linda Snodgrass said...

Hey there, Nice blog!!
FYI- I am producing the Sunday bulletin till you get here and decide how you would like it to look. On the announcement section -I placed the info. concerning Sunday night services starting June 7th. See you soon. Linda Snodgrass