Monday, January 19, 2009

A Fun Weekend In Review

We had such a busy weekend, but what a great weekend it was!

Friday night, Whit went out with some friends from Sunday School for dinner, movie, and dessert . . . mmmmmm!! Everybody needs to see "Bride Wars" and try out Simply Fondue in downtown Fort Worth in Sundance Square!

Friday afternoon, Bryan set out for a long weekend of Disciple Now. He was a Dnow leader of the 8th Grade boys . . . yeah, that's right, 8th grade boys . . . let's just say, no amount of Starbucks coffee could suffice for the amount of energy needed to keep up with them! In the end, he really felt like he connected with the guys and he and they had a great time!

Saturday, Whit went to lunch with her great friend Kayla (whose husband was also leading a group of guys at Dnow) and had a great time of catching up and what not. (P.S. During this time, Bryan was getting "The Beatdown" in dodgeball from Kayla's husband, Brian!! He throws a wicked-mean curving dodgeball!)

Sunday we both met back up together after being apart all weekend and enjoyed some R&R before heading back out "on the town" as we joined some friends in watching the AFC Championship game (wait, was there even a game then?) and played cards as well. Thanks Gentry's for opening your home up for a great time!!!

Monday, MLK day, we continued in our training for the Cowtown 5K . . . ouch, it only hurts a little . . . . and when we say a little, we're lying!!!!

This evening (Monday) we met Bryan's folks for a nice dinner at Abuelo's on their way in from Atlanta, GA. It was a great dinner and great to see his 'rents.

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Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys had a great, long weekend! Welcome to the world of blogging!

Robin said...

so excited about yalls blog! we're looking forward to having you guys over on sat. night. and bryan, clay is glad to have a chapel partner for the semester :)

~Bryan and Whitney Laramore~ said...

thanks, we're excited too. And I (Bryan) am glad that I won't have to go it alone either . . .

Kylene said...

Hey y'all! I'm so glad you have a blog!! Can't wait to keep up with y'all this way.

I had a great time Friday night at girl's night Whitney! We need to do that again! :)

Emily said...

Glad to see y'all co-blogging! What a fun weekend!

hollie marie said...

You guys are running the Cowtown!? Me tooooo! How is your training going? Not much longer!!!