Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun Things from Last Weekend

Last weekend was yet another busy, but satisfying weekend. Here's what went down:

- Friday night, we searched diligently to find something different, yet tasty for dinner. After thinking and thinking, all we could come up with was Tacolote. Err, what? Tacolote is one of those priceless dining experiences ON WHEELS. It's no secret that we seminarians live in quite the Hispanic Ghetto. I mean that gingerly, not rudely. The fantastic thing about our area: Meals on Wheels baby!!! Tacolote is a trailer that sets up in the southeast corner of the parking lot of Seminary Food Store. Upon first glance, it looks like something only in the movies . . . Come to find out, the food there is fantastic!!!!

- Friday night, later . . . we pre-purchased the movie Fireproof and have been waiting for the right time to watch it. Oh man, let us tell you, it'll change your life. Overlook the quasi-quality acting, look for the message being put forth, it'll change your life. Good stuff. No sex, no cussing, stuff blowing up, guy-gets-girl plot, can't beat it!!

- Saturday morning . . . First Euless hosted what they call the "Seminary Shopping Spree." In a nutshell, think of the ninety's show "Shopping Spree," only multiply it by about a bagillion people . . . see pics below . . . First Euless came up with tons of stuff (T.V.'s, computers, couches, baby toys, filing cabinets, kitchen items, beds, cleaning supplies . . . . a car . . . yes, a used car) and gave it all away. Here's the dealy: Students line up on three edges of a giant room, behind tape, surrounding the items to be given away. . . at the right moment, everybody hauls off and sprints toward the items they desire to stake claim on . . . you leave with whatever, literally whatever you could carry to your car . . . it was Cool with a phat-happy "C". Our friends Brian and Kayla made the trip with us as well. It was a blast. We came away with a four-drawer filing cabinet, bed risers, various cleaning supplies, and a 10 piece set of place mats and matching napkins, and a few other things . . .

- Saturday evening, we went to a surprise birthday party. A friend of ours turned 72 . . . oh, no wait, he only acts that old, but he actually turned 27 . . . (sorry Clay and Robin, I couldn't help it -Bryan- I think he was 27 . . . maybe it was 26 . . . it all blends together . . . :)) It was a blast of a time, though. Several folks gathered at a house and the birthday boy was completely surprised. Fun, fun time.

- Sunday morning . . . church. Pretty straight forward . . .

- Sunday evening . . . We went to our Sunday School Superbowl party. Good times, good eats, good laughter, terrible football game . . . nah, just kidding, it was a good one. It was a great time hangin' with friendly folk. We weren't happy with the final score, but it was a great night anyway!

Great Weekend . . .



Kylene said...

We haven't seen Fireproof-Maybe we can borrow yours.

~Bryan and Whitney Laramore~ said...

Whenever you want it, you got! It'll change your life :)


Emily said...

Great job photographing the Super Bowl Party!

We are going to have to try Tacolote.